Silvia Bunke Precious Understatement

Silvia Bunke describes the colour of gem stones as a glance into the depth of centuries. The shade of colour reflects the light of the sun, the colour of the rainbow from the depth of the earth - that' s how much poetry is behind her seemingly minimalist jewellery.


She prefers to use precious and rare stones with a particularly individual shade of colour which leads the admirer into the depth, the stillness and the peace of the earth. A facetted polish needs movement in order to show total beauty without hindrance. The usual way to admire them is from above. Silvia Bunke prefers th other sides, the massive base of a stone which is needed by the faceting in order to collect the light and therewith to assemble the spectacular performance of the flickering colour on the surface. This makes it twinkle at the admirer.

White crystal stands for clarity, yellow sapphire and garnet for the middle, blue sapphire for peace and quartz crystal for the base.

In order to leave free reign to this game the stones are only set by her in small delicate setting. the hang on a "thin ribbon" which leaves freedom of movement for the stone. Silver and stone are what Silvia Bunke uses, independent from the Euro worth of the same metal. The toggle fastenings belong to the necklace and are right next to the setting of the stones. They are so beautiful that they don' t need to be hidden.

A speciality of Silvia Bunke are the Manhatten rings for which she incorporates large rectangular stones exactly as the fourth side of a rectangular into the ring track. This way the rings become square which are comfortable to wear and the stone can lie gracefully on the back of the hand free from all extra things. It is astonishing how surprising and exiting the elegance of the Manhatten hand comes across.

Silvia Bunke spent her apprentice- and learning years at Max Lachmann in Lübeck - she was awarded the best of the year doing her exams. Than she studied Industrial Design at the University of Art and Architecture in Hamburg. She is member of a variety of professinal bodies and is running her own studio in Hamburg.