Sabine Reichert Floating elegance

Master goldsmith Sabine Reichert from Stuttgart in Germany follows her desire to conquer large scale works, by concentrating on the production of bowls made of silver, which quite apart from a person wearing jewellery influence the athmosphere of the living space.
Portrait_bild_3 Her silver bowls are stamped out of 0.5 mm thick silver sheets.  The cross section of their outer shape resembles half an ellipsis.  The proportion is the same of the silver bowl and of the plexiglass lense around it.  Apart from the lack of weight and the sturdiness plexiglass is a fascinating material to work with because it reflects  and throws back a multitude of colours depending on the angle of light shining at it and on its thickness.  The particular tension of the bowls is created from the dialog between the silver which shows signs of the thin fine bolts of the hammer and the velvety straight surface of the coloured acrylic.  Elegance and lightness give a very modern feel to these objects. 

Sabine Reichert qualified as a goldsmith at the Academy of Hanau and has her own studio in Stuttgart since 1983.  She took part in many exhibitions and her work finds ever more recognition in the international field. In 2003 for example she even found her work taken into "The David Collection" at the collectors fair SOFA in New York.