Luise Neugebauer Everyday' s Sunday

Goldsmith and jewellery designer Luise Neugebauer is a specialist in discovering sophisticated surprises by combining classical jewellery elements and/or by assimilating unusual materials as a matter of course to her jewellery pieces.


Her "Bicolor" necklaces are playing with the subtle colour contrasts of precious metals and with the difference of delicate chain structures. Like casually hand formed porcelain grapes evoke the crucial contradiction of the hand formed to the industrial made.

Luise Neugebauer is discovering surprising design potential in the finest antagonism. Her personal design language is as unique as sophisticated. On the first glance normality changes on the second view ínto a surprising attraction of the jewellery piece. It can be worn with cool self-confidence, an everyday twinkle in your eye, "less is more" which is holding all the cards.

After her apprenticeship in goldsmithing Luise Neugebauer studied jewellery design at the Hochschule für Technik, Wirtschaft und Gestaltung in Wismar. She graduated in 2003 and lives as freelancer in Leipzig now. She shows her jewellery in exhibitions and fairs and is quite successful there.