Lucy Casson Eye-catcher

Artist Lucy Casson’s materials have already been through one life-circle: as tins, kitchen utensils, toys or other small gadgets. With dexterity and humour Lucy Casson gives them a new lease of life in her workshop and turns them into weird and wonderful creatures and lets them reflect carefully observed human everyday scenes...
Portrait_lucycasson_w Lucy Casson collects used objects, brushes and mysterious colourful plastic things of every kind.  She lets herself get totally inspired by the poetry and humour of these things and combines them with coloured, printed metals, wood and wire. Lively scenes are created, small dramas are touched by a delicious, true comprehension of human and animal characteristics.
Her themes she finds in the most commonplace moments or chance meetings.  She transfers them into art thanks to her marvellous talent of observation of characters as well as through her technical virtuosity which astonishes and amazes her international collecting fans.

Lucy Casson studied at the Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts and at the Hereford College of Art. In the 80s she worked with Andy Hazell. At the end of the 90s she had her big break-through with the new creature made exclusively out of bric-a-brac. The ideas and inspirations emerge from each piece of junk, each creature finds its own story. Many private collectors, as well as the Victoria & Albert Museum, are enthusiastic about them and the amount of public commissions for them as well as for the larger figures, is pretty long.