Lilli Veers Minimum

Jewelry pieces by Lilli Veers are subtle compositions of linear or spatially assembled shapes, often encircling faceted, distinctive stones or colored bodies and creating exciting contrasts. As three-dimensional graphics, they always offer new, exciting aspects from changing perspectives.
Portrait_bild_3 Lilli Veers herself says:"My works arise from a continuous network, superimposition of elements, situations, locations. In-between spaces should enable transitions to accentuate and connect them through omission. This creates intellectual games and associations."

She processes materials that have been produced in an ecologically and socially responsible form. Jewelry thus becomes an expression of their own values. "I examine and develop ecological and social relationships, trying to integrate them again and again into my actions and communicating this to the outside world. This opens up new perspectives and values ​​in my artistic work. Eco-fair precious metals and foreign materials such as resin or paper in the field of tension between archaic originality and morbid fragility. "

After completing her training as a goldsmith, Lilli Veers studied design at the University of Science and Art (HAWK) in Hildesheim under Prof. Georg Dobler and Prof. Werner Bünck. The qualified designer is also a master goldsmith and has been self-employed since 2006.