Jil Köhn Imagination and Reality

Jewellery as a homage to nature and an invitation to dream. "Dreams form thoughts, thoughts form words, words form actions, actions form habits, habits form character. We are what we think", says Jil Köhn, "with our thoughts we shape the world."
Portrait_jil_ko_hn_foto_1x1 Jewellery could hardly be more up-to-date than this. Inspired by dreams and nature, Jil Koehn uses natural finds such as tree barks, branches and stones to model compositions that have an earthly and at the same time supernatural appeal. Precious metals and resins, artificially suggestive colours and a touch of magic serve the jewellery artist to create a sharp contrast between imagination and reality. Her objects give the impression of emerging from the nature of another world. As artefacts of distant worlds, they are pieces of jewellery of special moments.

"I see my pieces of jewellery as reminders of the importance of fantasy in our lives. My pieces of jewellery serve as a key to the inner paradise - my defined forest of dreams - and allow a glimpse of that place which belongs to everyone, but which each person creates for himself."

Jil Koehn first trained as a cultural scientist before she completed further studies at the HAWK University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hildesheim/Holzminden/Göttingen in 2018 as a master student of Georg Dobler with the Master of Arts Design, M.A. Since then she has her own studio as a freelance jewellery artist and designer.

Diomant* - specially created, very light composite