Jane Muir Happy Party

In Peckham, South London, strange things are happening: In a former railway hall some smiley friendly creatures are coming to life under the hands of ceramist Jane Muir. They are made of terracotta and are a small happy party of ladies and gentlemen just as one might meet at a tea-party.

It just takes a few tricks of the trade for Jane Muir to give her creatures a face; not a face which is just a copy of reality: her creatures are infinitely more delicate, holding back as if trying to give space to the viewer and let him imagine a life for them, maybe even to identify with them. With shut mouths these creatures are still speaking to us. One seems to hear the sound of speech just past, one seems to gather the rustling noise and quite giggle. Lacking arms and legs, these creatures still do not give an impression of passivity, or of being caught in a rigid body or of helplessly being stuck in a eventless life. These small creatures are happy to be in the place fate has put them; they are content, almost meek and are patiently waiting  - not without curiosity - for things coming.

Jane Muir trained at the Royal College of Art in London under the figurative ceramists Craig Mitchel and Zoe Whiteside. Her works reach from traditional craft, sculptural art and figurative story telling. Apart from figures and landscapes - clouds, meadows of flowers, hills and trees - which Jane Muir likes to partner with her small ladies and gentlemen, she also takes on works on a grander scale. She took on the commission for architectural project to create a whole assembly of creatures for a children's bookshop or is creating large scale garden sculpture.