Annette Bugansky Pretty Pearl and Knit

These latest vessel designs by Annette Bugansky from London were celebrated in international interior and design magazines. The full surprising but equally elegant effect of the delicate knitting patterns appear to great effect on the matt ivory surface of the porcelain. The textural structure on the outside of the cups with its play of light and dark on the surface invites the hand to explore.


Annette Bugansky trained and worked in fashion and costume design before becoming a ceramicist. After graduating from The London College of Fashion she worked for as a cutter for Jean Muir. She left to take up a post as designer for Jacaranda before moving to the BBC Costume department.

In 1999, whilst her family were still very young she returned to study. Annette Bugansky graduated from Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design in 2003 with a BA(Hons) in Ceramic Design. Since, she has taken part in a number of exhibitions and has work in galleries across the UK and in Germany.

Examining the relationship of ceramics to the practice of design in other areas, Annette is greatly inspired by her experience in the fashion and costume industries which has influenced her approach to ceramics. She researches for techniques used in other disciplines and develops them for use in ceramics. Inspiration is drawn from a number of different sources including textile structure, patterns in nature, contemporary interiors and city architecture.

Her work has produced an organic blend of neutral colours and exciting textures. The two are inter-fused so that rather than being a distraction, or an end in itself, texture forms part of the pattern and colour and emotion of the pieces. Her designs look equally exciting when empty as when used. Her work is intended to be highly tactile and sensual.

Her latest range of porcelain knitted texture pots combines traditional and experimental knitting patterns to create surface pattern. Porcelain has the ability to reproduce every detail and its translucent quality gives added depth. Most of her work is white and unglazed not wanting colour to detract from the delicate surface detail. The porcelain is vitrified at high temperatures to produce a matt watertight surface.

As well as producing her own ceramic collections Annette Bugansky enjoys designing freelance for other design disciplines. Her commissions have included designing for Sephora, part of the LVMH group, and for Kevin McClouds new homewares company, Place.