Anke Hennig Twisted

 As an attractive symbiosis of traditional technology and innovative creativity, pieces of jewellery by Anke Hennig capture attention. Her light elegance paired with sculptural decorativeness is characteristic and at the same time the secret of her creator.

Portrait_schmuck_anke_1016-4_craft2eu For Anke Hennig, finding creative solutions by reinterpreting traditional forms, materials or techniques is the starting point for her work. Her textile design studies have had a decisive influence on her current jewellery designs. An endangered craft braiding technique from the 19th century is used in her pieces, which, in contrast to conventional applications, gives them a new appearance. By experimenting with different threads in vivid colour contrasts and the variation of form and material language, she creates imaginative creations whose lightness and transparency hardly allow us to guess their origin.

Anke Hennig comes from Halle and is a real child of the 'Burg' - Burg Giebichenstein University of Art & Design. Here she studied textile design and qualified herself further through postgraduate studies in the field of jewellery art, after which she used her one-year stay in Italy for an internship with "Tessoria Asolana" in Asolo and a workshop with the jewellery designer Carla Riccoboni in Bassano.

Since 2005 Anke Hennig is a freelance jewellery designer. In 2008 she received an individual scholarship from the Kunststiftung Sachsen Anhalt. Many, also international exhibitions and publications offer a forum for her jewellery.