Andrea Borst Glassblossomgames

Glass blossoms and glass leaves circle around the decolté of the lady who wears them and flatter her beauty. But sometimes they are actually starfishes, sepia or other fish – or tiny fruits, house hold items? Andrea Borst lines them up in a loose and gentle fashion on delicate steel cord and sterling silver. It appears as if just a gentle breeze could blow away this glass miniature splendour – that's how delicate they seem.

Portrait_andreaborst_portrait Andrea Borst makes her delicate pieces of jewellery from glass elements which are made one at a time by hand under a lamp. Colour, number and distribution of the applied glass determine the shape of pearls, blossoms, leaves and mini objects which get applied with a spatula or tweezers to their exact spot. Added to that she may blend in other colours. Once totally cooled down the finished pears are removed from the brass rod. In place of the rod there remains a hole.
The tiny glass bits are always made individually and so are never totally the same as each other in size, shape and colour. They are joined to each other with the finest steel rope or rather sterling silver to make chains and ear-clips. Flora and fauna as well as things from everyday use are what inspires Andrea Borst to create her colourful lacy jewellery compositions.

Andrea Bost learnt the profession of a goldsmith at the higher education College for Glass and Jewellery in Neugablonz. Perfectly placed there she specialised in glass jewellery and developed very much her own style. She loves making chains and necklaces with a specific subject and for example to create matching earrings to go with her chains.