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Virginia Graham Teatime

Virginia Graham' s ceramics are an eclectic amalgamation of nostalgic form and imagery, transforming the ordinary past by drawing on a wide range of domestic traditions.


Virginia Graham' s handmade pieces range from teapots and cups to one-off larger pieces that incorporate precious stones, metal and found objects. She uses a combination of slip casting and hand building techniques to create pieces in her signature style. Their surface decoration include slip painting, enamel, transfer printing and metallic lustre's, making reference to historical wares including the familiar blue and white stripes of Comish Ware as well as industrial plumbing and Victorian fabrics. The resulting pieces are eclectic and precious with a playful humour yet at the same time are ordinary and familiar reminding us of that bygone era when afternoon tea was a serious business!

Having set up her studio practice in 2000, she currently works from Fireworks Clay Studios in Cardiff; a self managed ceramic artists cooperative. Her work is sold throughout craft shops and galleries around the UK.