Ulrike Isensee Beautiful Scarves

 Ulrike Isensee understands the scarf as a variable accessory and at the same time as an ornament. Her inexhaustible passion, her unmistakable feeling for materials and colours can be felt in every single piece. She picks up the impulses of fashion and lets the ideas gained from it flow into her colour or material combinations.
In her Hambug hand weaving studio, the designer and master weaver creates her textiles individually from high-quality materials such as silk, linen, cotton and viscose. From airy scarves for spring and summer to soft and warm woven scarves for autumn and winter. With stripes in bright, vibrant colours or noble in harmonious natural tones.

In her opinion, you can also listen to the pulse of the times without becoming a slave to the short-lived nature of the fashion industry. She needs the distance of observation: continuity and time to develop ideas and experiments into something that above all conveys independence, individuality and timelessness as a value. She thinks and develops consistently as a weaver, starting from warp and weft - but her friendship with the sewing machine is also close. Her liberation from the rigid weaving process is accompanied by an unlimited enthusiasm for all interesting materials.

craft2eu concentrates in its catalogue on her wonderful classics, these casual and elegant scarves, which are to be worn with great naturalness, which warm and decorate and which are real eycatchers.
Ulrike Isensee studied at the University of Fine Arts Hamburg, founded her workshop in 1983 and passed her master craftsman examination in 1992. Since then she has presented her textiles at important international fairs and in selected galleries. For her work, which is so lively, contemporary and always surprising, she has received many awards, including the valuable Lotte Hofmann Memorial Prize for Textile Art 2014 or the Honorary Prize for Arts and Crafts, BK 2020.