Ulrich Czerny Minimalist Luxury

The bags of Ulrich Czerny merit a closer look. Exhibiting all the qualities of a perfect handbag by concentrating on the essentials: materials, skills and function united in a clear and consequent form.
Portrait_u.c.portrait__21_iii Czerny uses 2 to 3.5 mm thickness of strong leather directly to create his prototypes. He cuts them out from the leather and then uses a special tool to lift out the lines of the turned over edges. The holes get drawn and pre-pricked before they get sewn. Even the very first model gets all detailed care. Then he puts it on show in his workshop and spends days regarding it critically. Only if the bag convinces as a shape in its environment will it receive acceptance and its brothers and sisters will be created. Certainly they will get the same extravagant care in their hand-made production. Sewing remains more fun than slog and from the basic models new prototypes emerge again and again, three or four of which will be accepted every year as new models into the continually growing family of Czerny bags.