Trine Drivsholm Hot & Cool

Trine Drivsholm loves glass. She is a glass artist and married to the glass artist Tobias Møhl. They live just across the road from their glass workshop in Ebeltoft harbour which has developed into a centre for Danish glass with workshops, galleries and Ebeltoft Glasmuseum.

Portrait_drivsholm_by_azusa-kougei17 ‘What fascinates and drives me is that glass has a life of its own. It is a material that is difficult to master, so one never lacks challenges. I feel very privileged to be able to work with glass, and to have enjoyed a great deal of attention from the very beginning.’

Trine Drivsholm is more interested in form than in technique, more interested in aesthetics than function, more interested in art than in everyday utility. She is known for her works arranging organic forms within a taut framework. These are works of a particular sensitivity, often highlighted by references to nature.

‘Function is not the most important thing for me, rather it is creating beauty for the eye, and the feelings which things evoke – joy, a particular ambience, and sometimes humour,’ she says. ‘Shapes and surfaces fascinate me, the entire tactile sphere. Glass is for touching, to enjoy holding and contemplating. You shouldn’t let a thing stand as a decoration on a shelf because you’re afraid of it breaking”.

Trine Drivsholm has taken part in the prestigious art fair, SOFA, in Chicago and New York for the last three years in a row supported by Danish Crafts, as well as in a series of other international exhibitions, including the travelling exhibition Danish Wave, in China, Japan, Taiwan and Argentina, the exhibition Flow - Danish Glass in London, and Contemporary Danish Glass in the United States. In recent years Trine Drivsholm has augmented her education with a number of master classes abroad, among others at Pilchuck Glass School and Haystack Mountain School in the United States and at the Creative Glass Centre in Scotland.

Text: danish crafts | portraitphoto: Joachim Ladefoged

In 2012 she exhibited together with Tobias Møh at the glassmuseum Ebeltoft - an amazing occasion to demonstrate her breathtaking sensivity for glass aesthetics!