Toma Hilgenfeld Cake Decoration

Cake decoration made by hand from the finest silver is the ideal present for baptism or birth! As an elegant relation to the colourful plastic candle-holder on the top of every birthday cake it will carry an annual light for each new year in someones life.
Portrait_portrait_tomahilgenfeld Toma Hilgenfeld's work is marked on second glance. She observes very carefully and finds very special nuances for her jewellery and her cutlery which even the person using or wearing will only become aware of on careful examination.  A small but obvious secret is always hidden behind it!

Gold- and Silversmith Toma Hilgenfeld founded her own workshop in 2011 in Nurnberg. She finished her studies at the Academy of Creative Arts in Nurnberg in the Metal class andshe was the scholar student under Professor Ulla Maier.