Silja Böhm Ratteling and Glittering

Multicoloured stones and freshwater pearls in a combination with handmade glass beads are combined playfully by jewellery designer Silja Bὂhm into chunky silver chains. The light touch and friendly harmony of her colour combinations add to the cheerful character of these imaginative pieces of jewellery.
Portrait_bild_3 Silja Bὂhm conjures her pieces of jewellery in the whole by using handmade glass beads which she craftily manages to insert into silver chains. Another of her clever tricks is to combine these with small colourful gemstones and freshwater pearls. Colours and style always appears rather playful and comes across as light and playful.

Silja Bὂhm graduated in geology who then added and perfected the craft of jewellery-making by attending courses and workshops. 2011 she was given the award for the best single piece by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce for the necklace 'Playground' - for young mothers as a beautiful piece of jewellery and at the same time as an interesting thing to play with for the child on her arm.