Pia Wüstenberg Stacking Vessels

Art meets a vase, ceramic meet glass, glass meets wood. Pia wüstenberg invents objects which are sometimes arty, sometimes useful - as the mood takes you. And she keeps her promise.

The pots, or rather the objects 'stacking vessels' by Pia Wüstenberg unite the material ceramics, glass and wood and turn them into a working sculpture. The three parts of each item can be used individually. The generous bottle shape is put together from a ceramics bowl glazed on the inside, a glass bowl fitted above the top of it and an exact fitting turned vase shape, the edge of which consists of tree bark. All parts of it are made and fitted by professional craftspeople. Archaic and modernity unite here in an exciting object.

Pia Wüstenberg shows us with her contrast between materials, surfaces, textures, symbols and colour new surprising object-stories – they don't just tell us about the creation, but also about the craft, about different possibilities of use, about creative culture.

The German-Finnish designer Pia Wüstenberg completed her professional qualification by attenting the Royal College of Art from 2009 until 2011 and established her design studio 'Piadesign' in London. Her first contribution to the London Design Festival 2012 was the project 'stacking vessels' - further new and surprising variations of this collection were presented since at all relevant international design venues were she meanwhile collected great reputation.