Mona Luison Creatures

The figures of artist Mona Luison are reminiscent of fetishes to which supernatural abilities can be attributed. The artist processes her sympathy with the climatic tragedies caused by flight and wars in the modern world in her creations as mutated forms.
IHer works, which are sculptures to be worn or placed, tell the story of experiences and situations where technology, animal and human biology intertwine. Her rhizome-like sensibility consists of colourful thoughts and fantastical imaginings.
She applies time consuming craft techniques to materials taken from our daily environment: Soft toys, used clothes, coffee capsules, water bottles, tin cans, fragments of postcards or photographs ... She mends, patches, cuts, weaves, sews, darns ... All techniques practised by our grandmothers and which tend to die out in our civilisation that cultivates planned waste as a vehicle for economic growth, deceptively motivated by the myth of a supposed race to improve living conditions.

The pieces seem to sprout out of themselves, much like living organisms they play with this dream of a genetically and digitally expanded humanity. Since 2011, Mona Luison has been repeatedly creating projects for Rei Kawakubo's label "Comme des Garçons" that break the common clothing codes.

At GRASSIMESSE 2022, craft2eu is pleased to present some spectacular fantasy creatures and jewellery by Mona Luison.