Marina Le Gall animalistic

Marina Le Gall brings to life the animals she sculpts from the earth, and it is not a zoo she builds around herself, but a real society as dreamed by Aesop and La Fontaine. Her pieces, with their masterfully crafted volumes, stand out for their remarkable polychromies. They were awarded the Prix du Jury by the prestigious Association C14-PARIS in 2019.

Portrait_marina_le_gall "The living is the basis of my questioning. Anatomy remains a theme, but the interpretation of forms and movements takes a central place. I like it when my sculptures become fables, when my animals are inspired by people to tell new stories. Modelling is also a way of separating form from colour. The abstract compositions I paint with enamel on clay show the connection we have with the land. In this way, nature drips onto the fur of the animals, which in turn animate the landscape," says Marina Le Gall.

Some of Marina Le Gall's works will be presented by craft2eu at GRASSIMESSE in Leipzig from 21 to 23 October 2022.