Maria Cristina Bellucci Matite colorate

The ornaments created by composition of cut coloured pencils are of great variety. Cristina Bellucci is well known for her playful expeditions and very individual approach to jewellery making. The material coloured pencils brings a clear structure in her creations. Everyone of us has some positive associations to coloured pencils and so her jewellery pieces always are "eye catcher".


Cristina Bellucci says: "For several years I worked as theatre costume and accessories maker, creating also a wide range of jewellery for stage use. I developed a strong interest for contemporary jewellery and I dedicated myself to it."

Cristina Bellucci completed her studies at Alchimia School of Contemporary Jewellery, Florenz, at the Academia Le Arte Orafe, Lucca and at San Giacomo School of Oarnamental Arts, Roma. This background as well as her extreme talent of making helped her to be internationally successful showing her jewellery.