Lynn Muir stranded goods

Lynn Muir collects stories from the beach. The trained illustrator finds her driftwood company literally in front of her door. The reason is that she lives directly behind the beach, but also because driftwood has its very special way of speaking to us.
Portrait_portrait_lynn_muir She works in re-cycled wood, mainly driftwood collected from her local beach in North Cornwall. She makes free-standing painted figures, boxes. She lets the shape and form suggest figurative forms to her and then works on it with machine saws, powered sander wheel and hand tools. She then 'illustrates' the shaped wood with paint and pen.

The work is difficult to categorise but she thinks of it as illustrating in the three-dimensional, each individual piece often suggesting a story to the viewer. The subject matter is not usually associated with driftwood. Her famous rounds meet in knee-deep water for a chat, to sing or even for a walk in bracing wind.  Very often they are blown away and always weather-beaten, but Lynn Muir draws with a determined hand lipstick, double-ribbed vests and old-fashioned bathing suits. 

Lynn Muir studied illustration at the Colchester School of Art. She lives and works today as a popular and successful illustrator and free-lance artist directly at the coast of Northern Cornwall in England.

Her work has been exhibited in many places around the world, particularly in the United States – in Germany at craft2eu gallery.