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Korbinian Stöckle colour party

Artist and glassblower Korbinian Stöckle tunes mood and well being with his multicolored glass collection, even when only water is served. The palette includes many shades to draw from the full source, matching to the season, to the occasion, to the menu, to the napkin, to the drink. The glass beaker's handling is very pleasant. Their mouth rims are soft for nice drinking – no matter if you enjoy water or whisky. These intensive color pieces can even serve as beautiful small vases.
Portrait_sto_ckle Korbinian Stöckle finds the right match between the philosophical contemplation about his favourite material glass and the more practical aspect of its beauty, which he is catching and saving for us to stimulate and upgrade our everyday life.

„Dissolving the solidified. Not to see and to recognize the moment only as a moment, as something permanent and solid. Looking through the solidified surface of glass I can see the movement of history, of the future and the present. Thus life becomes once more as mobile as hot, liquid glass.“

After his training as glass maker at the governmental education center for glass in Zwiesel/ Germany, Korbinian Stöckle studied glass design and sculpture at the Academy of fine Arts in Stuttgart/ Germany. Above this he participated in several national and international glass conferences, workshops and symposiums. He was assistant for renowned glass artists, as f.e. Erwin Eisch, and he is engaging himself as glass lecturer at different design academies in Germany. Since 1998 Korbinain Stöckle is running the workshop at the LWL-Industriemuseum, Landesmuseum für Industriekultur, Glashütte Gernheim. As glass artist he is finding ideal conditions there. His body of work comprises mainly ambitious one-off glass objects, sophisticated in skills and design, which he is showcasing on exhibitions internationally

craft2eu is presenting highlights in glass from his functional small series to encourage a more creative individuality in every day life.