Kira Kotliar Fantasy Fowl

Mind is free and one' s fantasy even more. The Russian artist Kira Kotliar is a magician with paper, paste and paint. Here creatures are light and colourful with affinity to folklore, fairy tales and picture-books. But finally they are only Kira's kids.
Portrait_portrait_kotliar Kira Kotliar studied at the Academy of theatre, music and film in St.Petersburg and worked at the same time as a stage and graphic designer and illustrator. 1995 she came to Hamburg and stayed.  That is where her delicate creatures made of paper and cotton wool, of colour and fantasy were born. They were all made to float under the ceiling and dance in the air taking our thoughts and dreams with them.  She says ?'Angels live in heaven, and as they tend to topple down from there they need to be tied on somehow'.

The ambivalence is obvious. On the one hand her creatures are inspiring and happy making. They storm away on flowery stags, ride on tigers, elephants and dolphins. Fine ladies are on the way like Mary Poppins, men in colourful national costume enjoy themselves with wine and music, flowers grow into trees ... anything not yet invented she will invent later, rest assured! With surprised huge eyes and a mimic interpretable between gay and ironic they dance in the air, whales just like ballerinas, animals as well as angels.  The weightlessness of this colourful party still hangs on a silken thread - in both senses of the word.

Kira's big passion of the last few years is travelling.  She may have enchanted everyone who met her angels very soon after she arrived in Hamburg.  But especially lately she has travelled around foreign countries like in South America. She tells you delightedly about her many impressions and her colours sparkle twice as strongly and her combination of creatures and situations are even more astonishing.  And she looks for the other extreme, in fantastic lamps sparkles pure white.  But the colourful, poetic, the story-telling is obviously her metier.  With this she touches people, delights them and gives them light-hearted moments, spots of colour in the drabness of everyday monotony.