Kanae Briandet Material fusions

Designer Kanae Briandet's handmade jewellery and textile sculptures are inspired by nature. Using needle embroidery, kumihino piping, semi-precious stone trim, glass beads, cocoons of the highest quality natural silk from the Japanese spinning mill TOMIOKA, she reinterprets traditional techniques and time-honoured skills to create unique, ethnic, poetic pieces made from natural, colourful and luminous materials.
Portrait_kanae_briandet "All these unique pieces, assembled and embroidered by hand, move in a harmony of colours and textures.they are the materialisation of my view of the world and represent an obvious link between my country of origin and the country I have adopted. The natural light of life, the shapes of plants, the movements of the oceans, the colours of our planet and the five senses form the basis of my work.To translate these concepts, I use noble materials such as linen and silk, woven according to an ancient Japanese technique," explains Kanae Briandet.

craft2eu will present Kanae Briandet's latest jewellery creations at the GRASSIMESSE from 21 to 23 October 2022 in Leipzig.