John Grayson Playful Metal Technique

John Grayson has a rich background in metal-smithing having trained in 3D Design at Wolverhampton Polytechnic specialising in fine metal. He is currently most widely known for his printed tin plate automata inspired by the Victorian and 60's toys made of the same material.
Portrait_bild_10 His automata are often inspired by narrative, being three-dimensional whimsical and often satirical observation on today's world. The work is a craft based interpretation of the processes and procedures employed by the tin toy and tin box industry. The artwork is printed on to the tin and details impressed into it's surface, before the sheet is cut and folded into a three dimensional object. Tabs and slots are then used to join and hold the sheet in place. The combination of primitive printing and forming, combined with hand working allows Grayson to create objects evoking childhood memories and play.

Grayson has exhibited widely throughout the United Kingdom including the Crafts Council's Crafts Fairs, and Contemporary Applied Arts, and has had work featured in journals including Crafts and American House and Garden. In Germany his work is promoted by craft2eu. Two of his most elaborated pieces were sold to the collection of the Museum für Kunst & Gewerbe, Hamburg.