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Isaac Perez Sanchez Decristalla

"Cristall talado a mano" by Isaac Perez Sanchez, who  got his education in glass grinding at the Spanish Centro National del Vidrio by masters from Italy,  Czechia and the United States. I met him the first time in september 2013 at Forcama craft fair in Toledo. I was deeply impressed by his skilled work, his accuracy and mastery in a traditional decoration repertoire in its best sense.

Portrait_bild_5 On my demand he put his artificial writing on these tall and classic Cervesa glass-mugs which are so ideal to drink clear water, juice and bear as well as to enjoy wonderful long drinks.  We started with names to make sure that one really keep in mind his name even after three Gin Tonic drinks ;-) And to make the question "which one was my glass" superfluous for those people living in a residential community or in a huge family.
In the next step we found words and slogans, from which f.e. guests  can choose their motto for a convivial evening: Love, Luck, Time, Energy, Courage, Joy, Felicity, Health, Hope, Ease, Happiness, Inspiraton, Creativity, Success and so on....
Now it is up to you to find the ideal "nombre" for your individual grinded glass!

Isaac Perez Sanchez is a master of his trade and you can recognise this in his beautifuly engraved glasses. He is waiting for your requests to fulfill them perfectly!