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Ingrid Donhauser Cool Cups

Glass designer Ingrid Donhauser prefers classic shapes for her pots and furthermore she likes to emphasize her glass objects by using bright colours for them. Her collection is a celebration of chromaticity and radiates delightful freshness.

Portrait_bild_10 Her glass is mouth-blown and freely shaped. Each piece is unique within its product range - varied in colour density, material density and dimension in hand-made perfection and reflecting the energy of the orifinal creation.
We at craft2eu have chosen her wonderfully charming opaque glass cups. the many varied pastel- and grey tones radiate elegantly in their singular beauty.

Ingrid Donhauser trained ath the renowned college for glass-blowing and creating in Zwiesel and together with Heinz Fischer she founded their hot-glass production workshop in 1983. Since 1997 she has managing the glass kiln in her own studio. She exhibits her products at big an small trade fairs an at craft exhibitions all over Germany.