Ilka Bruse In Paradise

Ilka Bruse took the inspiration serious to look after "flora and fauna" as inspiration for her jewellery. They whirr in an abstract way over forms and details composed to brooches and pendants - at the same time decorative and poetic collage.


lka Bruse has sophisticated her poetically playful style with impressive perfection. What in her early years was almost a childlike, courageous joy of experimentation is today a pointedly told little story - as long as one allows pieces of jewellery to tell a story. Had Ilka Bruse not been a goldsmith, she might have become an illustrator? She seems to "pick" her ideas in the garden, associatively composing the pendants for earrings and necklaces.

Ilka Bruse finished her apprentanceship in goldsmithing and completed her studies in metal design with a diploma at the university of applied sience in Hildesheim. Since 1993 she is running her own studio, exhibiting internationaly with great success.