Horst Kontak As grown

Horst Kontak celebrates wood itself with objects wich flatter and fit well into the hand and his individuality in grain and growth. Nature is allowed to share in the creation, presented with perfection in craft and a safe hand in the shaping of it.
Portrait_craft2eu_kontak_self_13 Horst Kontak is a passionate turner of wood and an autodidact. His fascination have been supported and encouraged by the exchange and discussions he has held with masters in their craft. In autum 2008 he receives a new turning table and the best tools of the trade. His enthusiasm now know no boundaries. Many pieces of wood of the region, stored and dried over 20 years, have been collected by him. Now their time has come.

For the most part pots and boxes in classical cylinder shape are created. They flatter the hand and celebrate the material wood, its diverse character, its grain and its growth. Nature is allowed to lend a hand in the creation. The lids fit in all ways perfectly and are openable and closable with a quiet, satisfied noise. Really elegant is the contrast between the archaically bowed fragments of tree-bows which decorate the lids and the perfect wooden boxes.