Hélène Morbu Amphorae & Vases

Meeting Helène Morbu takes you into the world of an ingenious and talented ceramist who transforms clay into objects of art with clear geometric design, clean lines and worked textures that at the same time recall the details of ancient and Art Deco architecture. 

Portrait_helene_morbu With an almost experimental technique, she conscientiously analyses the material, evaluating its characteristics, its density, its elasticity. She invents her own style and plays with limitations, crossing boundaries until she establishes a sensory connection with her material, which she knows by heart. She tames the fundamental properties of clay to create works with unexpected surfaces that recall the textures of leather or textiles. Under her hands, stoneware and porcelain are transformed into extraordinary objects of unique delicacy. In 2021, Helène Morbu is a laureate of the Prix Le Créateur of the Ateliers d'Art de France Foundation.

Some of the artist's objects will be exhibited by craft2eu at the GRASSIMESSE in Leipzig from 21 to 23 October 2022.