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Freia Schulze Sweet Titbits

for the eye are conjured up in glass and enamel colours by Freia Schulze. Fruit in various colours, flowers, stars, dots and fantastic creatures circle and swarm around her small pieces of art: paperweights and glass. Through the interplay between light and occasionally transparent, engraved and cut glass subjects she creates a variety of effects which are extremely precious.
Portrait_portrait_schulze Engraving and cut glass are at the forefront of her work. After her sketches the glass body is blown in a studio in Stockholm in Sweden. Enamel colour is applied later onto the whole surface of the container. It is burnt onto the glass at 540 degrees centigrade. From fine metal sheets tiny things and little figures are cut out and stuck onto the coloured areas of the glasses to make a decoration or an ornamental ribbon. Afterwards the container is sand-blown with the fine grained sand from a pistol. The result is that only the area which has been covered remain, in the spaces in between the colour and surfaces gets removed and grounded by about a millimetre.

Freya Schulze has opened up for herself a wide spectrum of modelling possibilities. She acquired a style all of her own and with it has received a lot of attention in expert circles. She studied shaped glass cutting with Professor C. Habermeier at the College of Art in Schwäbisch Gmuend. After her diploma she spent a year at the College of Applied Arts in Stourbridge in England. Today she keeps a studio in the old town of Lübeck. In 2007 Freia Schulze got the Justus Brinckmann Award, Hamburg.