Dorothee Wenz Crazy Ceramics

 With Dorothee Wenz, colours and shapes are out of control. They follow intuitive action and the happy moment of their creation. Today, ceramics could hardly be more exciting and up-to-date as a sensual reference to the material and its skillful and ingenious processing.
Dorothee Wenz builds her opulent vessels by hand from coloured clay and porcelain masses: in archaic-looking forms from coloured clay plots, layered stripes and marbling. She superimposes innumerable plastic layers of colour on top of each other, forming the body walls and with them the silhouette of the vessel - the vase or bottle and all the forms in between. Vividly grown patterns, blotchy, colourful, marbled, in archeologically appearing stripes and lines cover and penetrate the objects and characterize each of them as unique. "Formal austerity and exuberant opulence meet us in this rich universe and enchant us with their own poetry".

In 1995 Dorothee Wenz completed her studies of fine arts with Professor Volker Ellwanger at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz with a diploma. Since then she has been working as a freelance artist and exhibits her work in many contexts. She has received several awards and her objects are in many private and public collections, e.g. the Hetjens-Museum Düsseldorf, Keramion, Frechen, Keramiksammlung Offenburg and the Grassimuseum für angewandte Kunst in Leipzig.