Christian Werner Wooden Toys

Around the year 1800, German toy makers in the town of Seiffen in the Erzgebirge invented tire turning to manufacture beautiful wooden toys. Christian Werner and his team are among the last tire drivers who still operate this craft with wide experience and skill - keeping the tradition with the "Werner Reifentiere" factory, innovating further and thus becoming the world's only remaining master workshop.

Portrait_christianwerner_kopie Christian Werner works on selected, very damp spruce wood on a special, self-made, wooden lathe so that a wooden ring with a diameter of about 30 to 50 centimeters is created. Its cross section shows the contour of the desired figure, which is formed only from the artistic experience of the master, without any template. Subsequently, the animals are split off as narrow "slices" of the ring. From these blanks unique figures are created by carving and painting, all bei manual labour.

The animals from Christian Werner's workshop are second to none today. They are suitable for playing and collecting. Through their individual expression and their haptics they always fascinate consistently.