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Carola Gaensslen Painterly Pots

Carola Gaensslen has earned herself something of a reputation as a ‘bird of paradise’ in the German ceramic scene. Mixing a dashing colour sense with a deft touch through her exceptional painterly skill she imbues her ceramic pieces with originality. Courageous, slightly stylised forms and striking palette – preferably for artistic décor – are her trademarks.


After a rather classic way of training as ceramist Carola Gaensslen graduated in 1991 at the Technical College for Ceramics at Hoehr-Grenzhausen. Today she lives and works in Stuttgart and gives free reign to her ideas to the great pleasure of us all.

Even in her production series of cups and plates she does not ever achieve more than connections between her different pieces, they are never totally identical and they are not meant to be. The enjoyment in experimenting, in the variations of past things is ever present. Her stoneware is always fired at high temperature, at least 1245 degrees and so has a décor made of melted colours, which then get fixed on at 700 degrees. Certainly it is possible to have a festive drink from her cups or put beautiful bunches of flowers into them - they spread their decorative look with or without the added efforts of their owners.