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Birgitta Schrader puristic elegance

Brigitta Schrader is developing a new approach to the concept of traditional tableware. Her response to the modern crossover of inernational cuisine are sensful variations of plain beauty in vessels and plates. 14 forms in 11 matching colours offer endless options of variation and combination. They include all styles from minimalistic purism ruled by few essential forms to sumptuous tablesettings for an abundant menue. Harmonies of combinations are inexhaustibly offering options for a creative everyday-athetic at all times.

Her technical refinement of production leads to a self-evident group of forms. They are produced by hand casting tinted Limoges porcelain slip. The pieces are glazed inside. The outside remains in carefully polished bisquit offering an uncomparable sensual haptic. These nearly weightless porcelain items are ready for everyday use as well as dishwasher safe.

Brigitta Schrader was attending the ceramic class at the Academy of Arts in Munich. She graduated in 1997 and follwed a free lanced career in different fields. 2010 she founded her porcelain studio. She is exhibiting her work with galleries, museums, craft and design fairs. In cooperation with craft2eu Brigitta Schrader porcelain will now be available at all times.