Beru Inou Colours

Glowing colours are the passion of Japanese jewellery designer Berru Inou.  They can be found primarily in glass which, transparent or opaque, is suffused by light. She creates the most wonderful pieces of jewellery from them. As well as glass her chosen materials are precious stones, polished, prescious – all that without raising the budget.
Portrait_beru005 On the other hand glass offers her the option to point in its effect to something quite different: colourful and delicious like a sweet, shimmering like an ice cube. In all cases she scoops out the potential of glass in order to produce something striking in her jewellery which are quite frequently unique.  She creates something impossible to overlook with opulent glass stones which are cut into shape and attached to iron rings. This makes them at the same time minimalistic and at the same time opulent. Their hepatic quality surprises with its gentle delicate form contrasting interestingly with the erratic shapes of her stones.

The necklaces of Beru Inou also celebrate colour.  Gently faceted glass stones sparkle along a long line and are interrupted by a small row of contrapuntal prescious stones like amazonite, chalcedon, jade etc.  The 'otherness' and 'othercolouredness' lends the gently glimmering necklaces a special attractiveness and makes it so extraordinary, especially when they are based on such a simple good idea.  She pushes this creative thought further by taking an exacting step and interrupting the glass stones with porcelain 'pearls'.  The contrast of the surfaces of material creates here an even bigger dynamic, the colour combination is like a statement: light yellow and light blue – synonymous with a sparkling summer sky. This is how easy it is to awaken pictures and emotions!

Beru Inou comes from Japan. She received her professional qualifications in Applied Fine Art (majoring in glass) at the Tama Art University Tokyo until 2007 at the Japan Craft School in Tokyo. Following that she made her Bachelor and Master in Applied Art and Design at the Technical College in Dusseldorf where she lives and works even today.