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Barbara Butz Chromatic circle

A circular plate: a big one, a small one, a smaller one and a bowl as center point. Barbara Butz is fascinated by the endless options given by combining concentric colour surfaces. They match in harmonic colours or in contrasts, in pastells as well as in bright colours. Every variation has its very specific colour-mood.

Looked at from above, built one above the other, that is how this game is played. And in a perfect circle which is created when the clay is turned on the turntable in a concentric inward-looking ideal form. The incredible delight comes from the combination of big with small, of colour and its nuances. Only as a whole it does become an abstract composition, full of harmony and peace - a real piece of art. But then it also turns into something which can be used for the presentation of food: and the eyes are also devouring as well!

Barbara Butz studied painting with Professor Troger at the Academy of art in Munich. She then worked for nine years in the ceramic workshop of Nandl Eska and then did her teacher training qualifying with a degree and a diploma as a painter and graphic artist. Since 1990 she is working independently combining freelance and applied arts in the most delightful way.