Armel Barraud Whispering Wires

Armel Barraud breathes new life through the technical know-how of lace-making into her imaginative wire drawings. Filling whole areas or making individual points she decorates surfaces  with structures or delicate lines of wire constructions in the manner of lace-making which start to move with the first ray of light. Her latest experiments took her to create extremly poetic jewellery: delicate and unpretentious pieces full of associations and emotions.

Portrait_34910943_w During the time when she was a student at the Ecole des Arts Dėcoratifs in Paris she specialised at film animation. She concentrated on the research into grid pattern and interlacing. In the hope that these techniques might be useful in her work she did apprenticeships with traditional lace-makers in Portugal. She returned enriched by this exchange of ideas with the artisans: in the knowledge that they had initiated her into the world of a large and transient cultural heritage, a world which is in danger of disappearing if it doesn’t have new spirit breathed into it.

In this way our young artist was searching for new ways to use the old techniques of ‘lace-making’ and has arrived with her series ‘mur mur’ (which can be translated in two ways, only one of them being ‘murmur’) at convincing us of these truly living wall creatures.

The designs are mostly wrought as if they were lace but in this case they are made from wire, and show small scenes, climbing and entwining subjects, made to measure, directly onto the wall, either decorating or figuratively....just as it pleases the person looking at them.
Only fixed in a few places these creations result in a never ending dialogue between the wire ends and the light. The shadow play reflects back and gives echoes, the moving light changes the way it looks continuously. It would be hard to find a wall decoration more lively and stimulating.