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Annette Zey Sophisticated lifestyle

The well-known silver smith Annette Zey manifests the total beauty of simple handcrafted accessories in their whole perfection.  Her designs are stylish and special, balance between timeless design and what nowadays can be considered anachronistic that is to say a true artisan's sophistication.
Portrait_portra_t_zey1 To use these things shows a respect for a lifestyle which today is under threat as much as the environment and nature.  But in the current affluence one could save oneself from disaster with the subtlety of her things.  Not the quantity but the quality can be shown and drink to this with a good swig from the elegant hip flask and its beautiful little cups. The time is right for these objects and also for the appreciation of the art of design and craft.

Annette Zey has received many prizes. Her objects can be found in many public and private collections.  She gets many orders for the design and making of kitchen utensils and gadgets used during the celebration of liturgical mass.  A comprehensive portrait of Annette Zey can be found in the book 'Originale – 17 encounters with the art of home-made objects The book will be included in the sale of any one of Annette Zeys objects.