Andy Hazell Quiet Joy

In those quiet intimate moments which occur during a normal day, when you feel totally unobserved Andy Hazell has seen you. He knows how you feel and can make us smile. He manages to hit just the right spot and all that in his extraordinary minimalist way - a little cunning but never mean.
Portrait_hazell_portrait_n_www Andy Hazell is one of the most well-known automata artists in England. He recycles biscuit tins in answer to the 'beautiful' world of plastic. To make objects out of things others throw away seems to him liberating. He goes back to the days when for a child a cardbord carton can be an aeroplane.
His works comes pocket-sized as well as gracing the sides of large buildings. He is famous for his interactive installations on public buildings, many commissions, theater- and filmprojects. But the small format is also close to his heart. Scenes that reflect everyday life have a spirit all of their own and dream of another world.
The windable figures perform their everyday tasks with fatalistic expression and small unselfconscious movements.