Alain Mailland Wood fantasies

The spectacular works of the multi-award-winning wood artist Alain Mailland are based on the beauty of wood, precious roots and wood species from the south of France. They made him famous far beyond France and are collected, admired and exhibited worldwide.

Portrait_alain_mailland He developed special tools and uses them to turn and carve pieces that resemble sea or nature creatures. He also uses off-centre techniques such as steam bending, texturing and sandblasting. "We humans are connected to everything that grows on earth. That's what I feel when I make my sculptures. These creatures seem to be alive because I turn growing forms first. I reproduce their expansion ... or all the circular structures of the universe. The creation of these objects is the incarnation of a dream." ~ Alain Mailland

Some of his works will be exhibited by craft2eu at the GRASSIMESSE in Leipzig from 21 to 23 October 2022.